Arlington Avenue Church of God

Our Vision

For many years now, churches across the country have  struggled to overcome a generation gap.  Far too many churches have children up through high school students involved at some level, but then make the leap to investing into married couples, parents, etc.  All of these ministries are great, but they leave the college-age and singles in a spot where they have difficulty finding where they fit into the church and the body of Christ.  It is for this reason that we are there to build a bridge for helping these individuals navigate the difficult journey from student life into adulthood.  

What we are...

In a world where 70% of high school students walk away from church as they enter college, we are a group that seeks to change that!  During these crucial years of life, when views on self-identity, relationships and religion are solidified, we are there to help equip students with the skills and tools for them to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever life leads them.